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If you are interested in being at the front of the line to have your property sprayed at the start of the fire season, please make sure that you include your address so that we can provide your name to the certified installer in your area.

If you are representing an HOA and want to know more about a community-wide program when it becomes available in your area, please indicate that in the message section so that we can direct your inquiry appropriately.

If you are a utility, commercial property owner or governmental agency, please include in the message section a brief description of your needs so that we can ensure a timely and appropriate response.

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Numerous factors together determine a home’s survivability in a wildfire, including building design and materials, proximity to other homes, fire intensity and ember cast, topography, and other factors. Maintaining proper defensible space, including the application of Certified Advanced Firebreak™, will improve your home’s survivability and increase the willingness of firefighters to defend your home, but it cannot guarantee your home’s survival in the event of a wildfire. Wildfire Alliance makes no representations or warranties regarding your home’s survival in the event of a wildfire and disclaims any liability for losses caused by wildfire.

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