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Certified Advanced Firebreak™ is a proprietary formula combining a proven, highly effective fire retardant, a wetting agent that helps plants retain water, and a fuel reduction technology that speeds the normal decay of dead branches and leaves into dirt.  All elements are food grade. For a copy of our Safety Data Sheet containing more details, please submit the adjacent form or email us at:

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Numerous factors together determine a home’s survivability in a wildfire, including building design and materials, proximity to other homes, fire intensity and ember cast, topography, and other factors. Maintaining proper defensible space, including the application of a long-term fire retardant, will improve your home’s survivability and increase the willingness of firefighters to defend your home, but it cannot guarantee your home’s survival in the event of a wildfire. Wildfire Alliance makes no representations or warranties regarding your home’s survival in the event of a wildfire and disclaims any liability for losses caused by wildfire.

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