A breakthrough approach to protect homes from wildfires

  • Proprietary, safe, long-term fire retardant and fuel-reducing technology
  • Network of trained application specialists
  • Certification program to ensure homes are properly protected
  • Database of certified homes to enable affordable fire insurance
Customer home saved by Firebreak

Our History

Founded in 2003 as Firebreak Spray Systems, the company originated the business of protecting homes with a phosphate-based, long-term retardant. Since that time, Firebreak provided fire protection services to thousands of high-value homes to a major insurance provider in the West, including the home pictured here saved from a recent wildfire. 

As Wildfire Alliance, we are building on this foundation to expand services less expensively, to a wider audience, incorporating a larger distribution network and involving a wide range of insurance providers. 

Home Defense

How do homes catch on fire? Wind-blown embers from wildfires rarely burn homes by landing on roofs – they ignite dry vegetation immediately adjacent to the walls of the home, and flames burn into the eaves above and through vents into the home. 

Traditional fire-safe practices recommend a five-foot "moat" of bare ground around a home, a look that few find appealing. Certified Advanced Firebreak™ provides a way for you to maintain your preferred vegetation while keeping your home safe from flying embers.

What is Certified Advanced Firebreak™?

Our fire retardant contains a proven, highly effective phosphate base plus proprietary enhancement ingredients that keep the area damp and accelerate composting of dead branches and leaves into dirt.

All of the ingredients are food grade, making it safer than the spray used by fire departments to fight fires by air, while remaining just as effective.

Building perimeters are sprayed at the beginning of fire season and remain effective until the rainy season sets in. If an unseasonable storm occurs, the area can be easily resprayed.

Benefits to Property Owners

Do you live in an area that is prone to wildfires? Have you had your fire insurance cancelled or premiums raised astronomically?

We will dispatch a trained technician to apply Certified Advanced Firebreak™ around your property, eliminating the ability of embers flying in from a nearby fire to set your landscaping and therefore your home on fire.

Once your home is protected, we will put your name into our database of certified homes, enabling insurance companies to verify – with your permission – that you have minimized your fire risk. You can also compare rates from insurance companies participating in our program, allowing you to keep your premiums as low as possible.

Ask about our special program for HOAs whose communities are adjacent to a wildfire zone.

Interested in being at the front of the line when spraying season arrives? Click here to contact us, and be sure to include your ZIP code in the address field so that we know which certified technician should receive your inquiry.


Certified Advanced Firebreak™ is applied to the vegetation around the perimeter of your property by a network of trained specialists in your area.

Are you a licensed landscaper or other professional serving homes in your area and interested in becoming part of the Wildfire Alliance network? Contact us here and be sure to include the areas of the country in which you have operations.

Insurance Companies

Insurers can rest assured that their clients' homes are protected from wildfires through the verified application of Certified Advanced Firebreak™ by trained distributors. This enables you to mitigate your risks and offer affordable insurance to homeowners.

To join the Wildfire Alliance and/or participate in the program, please contact us here.

Government Agencies

Fire Departments can work with our database to understand which homes in your service territory have been treated and to connect with distributors so that you can accelerate adoption in your area.

We can provide support to cities, counties and states in their efforts to encourage widespread treatment in high-risk areas.

Contact us here for more information.


Wildfire Alliance is a privately held company.

If you are qualified and interested in knowing more about investing, contact us here.

Our Team

Jay McCrensky

Chairman and CEO

Founder and Chairman of Wildfire Alliance, Inc., Dr. McCrensky is CEO of Marketshare Management, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in strategic partnering for accelerating go-to-market strategics, and its investment arm, Marketshare Capital.  Jay also heads up the collaborative Alumni Angel Group, one of the leading angel investment groups in the Washington, DC area. Additionally, he is co-founder and US Managing Partner of the COVID Control Consortium, an association and accelerator of twenty advanced technology companies with pandemic control solutions.

Dan Enloe

President and COO

After graduating from the US Naval Academy, Dan spent 25 years in the Navy, retiring as Captain. He then went on to spend nearly a decade at Intel in supply chain management before starting his own consulting firm, Enlovation, Inc., helping businesses transition new ideas from research into innovative products. Dan also recently completed a ten-year term as a member of the board of directors of the Energy Trust of Oregon.

Jim Aamodt

Chief Technology Officer

Jim was President and Managing Partner of Firebreak Spray Systems, the predecessor company to Wildfire Alliance. He was also owner and head of new product development at Diligence Corp. Jim holds 13 issued US patents and has 6 patents pending in humidification, sanitation technologies, biocidal emitter/reactor devices and fire retardant applications equipment.

Steve Chadima

Chief Marketing Officer

Steve has held key marketing and communications positions in technology and clean energy companies, both as a founding member of numerous companies and as a consultant with leading PR and marketing firms. Most recently he led the California policy team as well as the marketing, communications, business development and software teams at Advanced Energy Economy, a leading voice for the array of zero-carbon technology companies and their customers.

George Kargianis


George is a highly regarded attorney, venture capitalist and co-founder of numerous publicly traded companies. He has served as a governor of the Washington State Bar Transportation Commission and on the Washington State Bar Association as well as president of numerous other civic and private organizations , including the Bellevue School Board.


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