Meet Arizona Wildfire Defense

Our partner in Northern Arizona is meeting the wildfire protection needs of homes and businesses in this increasingly fire-prone area. For more information, please visit their website.

The local paper, the Payson Roundup, recently featured Arizona Wildfire Defense on their front page. Read more here.

Oregon Wildfire Defense Launches

Oregon is one of the most wildfire-prone areas in the country, and our partner, Oregon Wildfire Defense, has it covered. You can find out more by visiting their website.

Oregon Wildfire Defense was recently featured in Cascade Business News, Central Oregon's leading business publication. You can read more here.


Numerous factors together determine a home’s survivability in a wildfire, including building design and materials, proximity to other homes, fire intensity and ember cast, topography, and other factors. Maintaining proper defensible space, including the application of a long-term fire retardant, will improve your home’s survivability and increase the willingness of firefighters to defend your home, but it cannot guarantee your home’s survival in the event of a wildfire. Wildfire Alliance makes no representations or warranties regarding your home’s survival in the event of a wildfire and disclaims any liability for losses caused by wildfire.

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